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Chloe Pierre puts her beauty products in the fridge

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

BEAUTY CHAT: Chloe Pierre on post-partum beauty rituals and clean skincare routine

Chloe Pierre is redefining wellness for black women and mothers in the U.K. She is the brilliant mind behind @thy.self - a community-led wellness brand that she created to offer a guide to self-care and self-love that felt safe and welcoming to all.

With her debut book, “Take Care: The Black Woman's Guide To Wellness” she digs into some of the ways she has learned to navigate her wellness journey and we had the amazing opportunity to chat to her about her self-care rituals, how clean beauty plays a role in her routine and more.

What is your beauty secret?

Keep everything in the fridge - not everything but alot of beauty products feel great when applying when they’ve been stored in the fridge. Add vinegar to your cleaning routine for deeper and non-toxic cleaning.

What’s your favourite beauty hack and why?

I love natural beauty hacks because it seems the most sensible, sustainable and inclusive. My hair and skin are a big focus for me since being post-partum so I like to give my hair a rinse of vinegar for deeper cleaning and shine as well as coconut oil for mouth and teeth health.

What is the beauty product you cannot live without?

I’m obsessed with all Merit Beauty products at the moment - their lip oils are everything. I also need to stock up on Estee Lauder Overnight Serum because there is nothing like it for boosting your skin look, glow and texture.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel my most beautiful when I’m in the sun and not on my monthly cycle. Thats when I feel the freshest, I feel and look clearer and I’m my most happiest.

What does Black beauty mean to you?

Black beauty to me is incredibly individual and most importantly its self-assured, confident, loud (in which ever way that manifests) and its respectful. I would like to move away from Black Beauty being stationary and having any one person or community define what that is to someone else. We are more than that. We know better than that.

All photos in this article are courtesy of Chloe Pierre.

This is 'BEAUTY CHAT'. An interview series by NIGHTSTAND SERVICE where we spotlight Black creatives and thought-leaders that we admire and feel represent a new generation of beauty lovers. Wanna be featured? Email


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