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Getting into the mode of rest and wellness with Jermaine Robinson

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

BEAUTY CHAT: Jermaine Robinson on how he looks after himself and the beauty products that he loves.

Jermaine is a global stylist and creative consultant who is always booked and busy. Responsible for some of the best male celebrity styling we’ve seen in British media this year. His work for @notion and@wonderland, has earned him some time to REST.

What is your beauty secret?

I am using INKEY Caffeine Eye Cream. I use it everyday, both in the AM and PM. It's great! - Helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes. Although I would recommend keeping it in the fridge when you aren't applying it.

What’s your favourite beauty hack and why?

I use a drop of Manketti Hair Oil on my hair daily especially when I have a protective hairstyle in. The product is sold at Liberty's. It’s a unique blend of organic, sustainably sourced Manketti Nut and Ximenia oils to condition and nourish. Works a charm!

What is the beauty product you cannot live without?

My TMPL_Care Gentle Face Cleanser I use cleanse, refresh and soothe my facial skin on each wash every morning along with my exfoliating glove! It helps to keep the skin hydrated and nourished afterwards I apply TMPL_Care Hydrating Face Moisturiser as it helps to even out my skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines! It’s a great daily level-up!

When do you feel the most beautiful?

After my beard is trimmed and lined-up to perfection and my cornrows or braids are freshly done. The two combined are dangerous haha!

What does Black beauty mean to you?

Confidence you feel within and outside. Accepting the features you have grown to have, what they are and how it shapes you plus understanding the wide spectrum of many black beauties and how each one differs. It’s an experience we grow into on our own journey!

All photos in this article are courtesy of Jermaine Robinson.

This is 'BEAUTY CHAT'. An interview series by NIGHTSTAND SERVICE where we spotlight Black creatives and thought-leaders that we admire and feel represent a new generation of beauty lovers. Wanna be featured? Email

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