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Krystal with the crystals combines her love of Y2K with 1920s flapper glam to create her iconic hair

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

BEAUTY CHAT: Krystal D'Anjou shares some of her favourite beauty hacks and inspiration behind her unique personal style

Meet Krystal D'Anjou. Her hair is a golden, it cascades in waves and complete with intentionally placed crystals. This South London creator has a bold energy every time she leaves the house. She is a presenter, content creator and host of her very own show on @mycomeuptv.

What is your beauty secret?

My hairdresser has to cut my hair in a VERY SPECIFIC and UNCONVENTIONAL way for me to achieve my final “wave” look.

What’s your favourite beauty hack and why?

Adding the crystals to my hair, it just elevates my look every time, even though they're small, they make a big impact.

What is the beauty product you cannot live without?

Vaseline & cocoa butter, because how can you leave the house with dry lips and ashy skin, COULD NEVER BE ME.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

When my hair is freshly done and I have one of my little y2k outfits on, in my head I'm basically Halle Berry at that point and I got all the confidence in the world.

What does Black beauty mean to you?

Black beauty is the BLUEPRINT and some of the most versatile in the world, there are so many cultures to pick beauty secrets from. So when we look good WE LOOK GOOD, and I just love being able to pay tribute to black icons who have come before me, for example, my hairstyle was heavily inspired by Josephine Baker.

All photos in this article are courtesy of Krystal D'Anjou.

This is 'BEAUTY CHAT'. An interview series by NIGHTSTAND SERVICE where we spotlight Black creatives and thought-leaders that I admire and feel represent a new generation of beauty lovers. Wanna be featured? Email


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