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Lush Cosmetics and Afropunk Unite to Celebrate Black Hair at 'Club Lush'

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Lush Cosmetics' Social Media Departure: Unveiling 'Club Lush' and the Power of Inclusivity in Brand Experience

Lush Cosmetics Teamed Up With Afropunk To Celebrate Black Hair With ”Club Lush”

In a bold and daring move, the iconic vegan beauty brand, Lush Cosmetics, decided to part ways with social media nearly two years ago. And it's been nothing short of an intriguing journey! Despite their conspicuous absence from the digital realm, Lush Cosmetics has managed to keep their devoted following intact. It seems that sometimes, in the whirlwind of hashtags and filters, less truly can be more.

But here's what truly dazzles: the steadfast support pouring in from the Black community. Even in their post-social media era, Lush Cosmetics shined brightly during their immersive experience hosted by the avant-garde Afropunk Festival, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. In collaboration with Afropunk, Lush Cosmetics conjured up an immersive experience called "Club Lush" that celebrated diversity across black hair.

Picture this: "Club Lush" was like stepping into a fantastical oasis that felt like a long-overdue reunion, guests were treated to a sensory wonderland, a playground for the senses. They could dive headfirst into Lush's treasure trove of haircare goodies designed especially for curls, coils, and textures. And that's not all! Guests received personalised makeovers from top-notch experts and Lush chose this moment to unveil their latest gem – the "Naked" Co-washing shampoo bars, created in collaboration with the Black Haircare Specialist, Sarah Sango. These little wonders drew inspiration from Sango's cherished family recipes, loaded with natural ingredients like avocado, banana, coconut, mango, and more, all aimed at lavishing love and fragrance on Black hair.

"Club Lush" wasn't just an event; it was an impeccably curated experience that allowed the brand to forge deep, personal connections with its audience. It was a testament to Lush Cosmetics' unwavering commitment to creating a haven that's safe, inclusive, and dazzling. The celebration of the kaleidoscope of Black beauty in all its glory was, without a doubt, a sight to behold. So, whether you're in the bustling heart of Brooklyn or sipping tea in London, Lush Cosmetics continues to shine, proving that they've mastered the art of glamour and inclusivity.


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