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  • Wanique Block

Skinfluencers are trailblazing the Acne Positivity movement

Credit: Starface

Navigating Acne-Prone Skin: Skincare influencers with visibly acne-prone skin that you should know

Treating acne-prone skin is an ongoing journey that is often, if not most of the time, filled with a lot of trial and error. Finding the right skincare routine is more than just about finding products that are specifically targeted at treating issues like acne or hyperpigmentation, instead, it is about finding products that actually work for YOU.

As a hormonal acne-prone girlie myself, I know how treating acne can become a never--the-ending nightmare, especially when you 1. Have no resources and 2. When you don’t know what you’re doing, prior to finding what works for me, I literally tried everything you can think of; I have visited the dermatologist countless times, only to be told that having acne is "normal". I’ve been prescribed accutane more times than I can remember, which according to my personal experience has done more harm than good, not to mention I’ve bought so many expensive over-the-counter face washes, ointments, serums and toners. Still, I struggled with finding what works for me.

While hormonal acne is still something that I struggle with, along the way, thanks to all the research I have done through TikTok and Google, I have found treatments and methods that actually work for me. 

If you’re struggling with acne prone skin like me, here are some skincare influencers who are not only actively documenting their journey’s with acne, but influencers who are providing insightful

information and advice for treating acne prone skin.


Lou Northcote is a skincare influencer and activist who is dedicated to embracing her acne prone skin. Lou is also the creator of the #FreeThePimple movement, a platform that “celebrates real and acne prone skin”.


Rashawn aka the GlowSkinGuy is an Oil/Acne Skincare content creator. As a skincare influencer not only has Rashawn detailed his journey having acne prone skin, but he also provides comprehensive product reviews where he delves into the ingredients used in a product, UV Filters, textures and product prices. He has also shared videos with his nighttime and daytime skincare routines.


Simphiwe Mbatha is a South African skincare influencer who has openly documented her struggles with acne prone skin. In addition to sharing her skincare journey, Simphiwe also uses her “Acne Positive” platform to share helpful advice and tips about products and treatments.


Victoria Louie, who goes by DewyLouie on social media, is an American beauty influencer. Victoria has shared a plethora of videos about her journey with acne, from satisfying pimple patch removals and product review videos to educational  “How To” videos, she has used her platform as a great source for information and insight.


Marlynnae is an American skincare and beauty influencer who has dedicated her platform as a safe space. With her social media Marlynnae has highlighted and shared about her journey with acne prone skin. The beauty influencer has shared GRWM skincare routine videos, product reviews, makeup GRWM videos and pimple patch removals. 


A skin positivity activist who has frequently highlighted and documented his journey with acne. With their content, Acne with V has used their platform to encourage followers to be confident and comfortable with their respective skincare journeys.


Petronella is a Johnannesburg based Skincare Influencer. As someone who struggles with oily, dehydrated, acne prone skin, Petronella uses her craft and platform to provide followers with comprehensive guides and skincare tips. She also has open discussions about how health and lifestyle factors may affect and contribute to skincare.


Rumbidzo is a beauty and skincare influencer. In the beginning of her journey Rumbidzo documented her skincare journey on accutane. Now sharing her post accutane journey, the beauty and skincare influencer frequently shares beginner friendly skincare tips, product reviews and gives viewer a glimpse into her skincare routines.

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