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beauty is pop culture // sex rules the world 

  • Wanique Block

Thongs and Bras we love from womxn owned brands.

Womxn owned lingerie brands for everybody.

Since the invention of the corset in the 1700s lingerie brands have created undergarments that were solely dedicated to the male gaze. While centred around fantasy, desire and the objectification of femme bodies, the creation of these lingerie garments often came at the expense of a woman’s agency and sense of comfort. 

However, as times have changed and lingerie brands continue to evolve, we’ve come to see how many underwear brands are prioritising comfort and in turn allowing womxn to feel empowered regardless of what their preferences or needs may be. 

So whether you're looking to buy some sexy lingerie for a date night, are looking for some functional support or perhaps you’re just looking to feel confident and sexy, just know that the world of lingerie is vast and for every body. 

Below are our favourite womxn owned lingerie brands that are changing the world one bra and thong at a time:

Image courtesy of (@coucouintimates)


Cou Cou intimates is a lingerie brand that is “redefining daily undies for a new generation of women’. Founded by Rose Colcord, Cou Cou is a sustainable intimate wear brand that is actively bridging the gap between “comfort and cuteness” and in turn empowering customers to feel confident and comfortable.

Image courtesy of (@fruitybooty) 


Founded by Minna Bunting and Hattie Tennant in 2017, Fruity Booty is a “sexy” lingerie brand that is “transforming the way the world experiences underwear”. Not only are Fruity Booty lingerie products limited edition, all products are “created from repurposed fabrics and sustainable materials only”. 

Image courtesy of ( 


Liberare is an adaptive underwear brand that is specifically designed by and for womxn with disabilities.Founded by Emma Butler, Liberare was inspired by Emma’s mother who started suffering from chronic pain when she was just 12 years old. The adaptive underwear brand is redefining the lingerie industry with designs that are accessible, inclusive and comfortable.

Image courtesy of (@netterose and @bellsdeviine) 


Nette Rose is a lingerie brand that is committed to creating handmade intimates that are dedicated to self love and body confidence. The Cape Town based intimate wear brand was founded by Megan Miller during her final year of university. While passionate about redefining fashion, the lingerie brand's passion extends to sustainability and the environment. For every bralette sold, a tree is planted in Madagascar.

Image courtesy of (@misscrofton and @georgiafaywilliamz) 


Miss Crofton is a sustainable underwear brand that “brings together the sensual thrill of all things girly with womanly sophistication. Founded by Georgia Campbell, Miss Crofton’s playful and youthful pieces that are adored by a plethora of influencers and tastemakers around the UK.

Image courtesy of (@getgush) 


Founded by Hannah Richtman, Get Gush is a lingerie brand that started out as “one woman’s want and developed into a rallying cry for a little black thong”. Rooted in community, Get Gush is about the intimacy of “developing shared passions with strangers”.

Image courtesy of (@maiestudios)


Maie Studios is an intimate wear brand that celebrates the "beauty of individuality" and empowers women to embrace their unique style. Founded by women's wear designer, Jasmine Ghafoor, Maie Studios has cemented itself as "a fusion of fashion, sensuality, and self-expression".

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